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Commission Info Updated

Journal Entry: Sat Aug 22, 2015, 10:17 AM
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Hi everyone, 

I have just updated my commission information, it has been quite a few months and yay XD I feel like I have really improved alot, all thanks to the supports, comments, favs and love from the deviantArt community, especially my watchers XD. 

I'm sorry if I can't reply to any of your comment - which I always try to do - it is because of my intensive schedule these days OMG. So sorry again, love all of ya XDDD

Anyway, here is the new commission info: 

Commission is now [OPEN]
Commission is now [OPEN]
[Last updated on 06/12/2016]
Hi people ^^~,
For commission information, please take a look at the following examples:
Full body character plus completed background: 115$ [from $129 - June 2017 Discount Term] 



* Adding a character to a full-body artwork will cost $25 ~ $30 for each character being added
(depending on the settings of the character(s) in the artwork (i.e if you wish to add a character whose figure is obscured by something or another character th

Thank you so much, all my commissioners, watchers, viewers, everyone on the dA community as well as all art enthusiastic individuals,  for your support as well as your interest in my art, if not thanks to deviantArt and you guys, I wouldn't be the one I am today - which I'm so proud of because I can finally chase after my dream ^^ and hopefully make a living with it OMG but still I need to practice sooo much more


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Brushes by SummerAIR
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Yay XD
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